Anna Del Priore And Helen Guzzone, Sisters Over 100, Survived 1918 Flu And COVID Infections

Two sisters, Anna Del Priore and Helen Guzzone, are over 100-years-old and both survived the deadly flu pandemic in 1918, as well as COVID-19 in 2020. 

Anna, age 108, and Helen, 105, contracted the Spanish flu as children when it was at its peak and lived through it. When the coronavirus flooded through nursing homes around April and May of this year, they both fought their way through that as well after testing positive.

According to the Washington Post, Anna was 107 when she tested positive for the novel coronavirus in May while she was living in a New Jersey nursing home. While she had a fever, cough, and needed some oxygen at times during her fight against the virus, she never needed a ventilator and recovered in six weeks. 

As for her sister Helen, she tested positive for COVID-19 in March when she was 104 while in her nursing home in New York. Unlike Anna, she was healed in just two weeks instead of six. 

The Post explained that the century-old sisters were as active as can be. Anna loves to Tango dance and took daily walks to McDonald’s until she turned 100. Helen did exercises into her 90s and her son, Nick, explained to the outlet that she stays away from dairy products, smoking, and drinking alcohol. 

CNBC released an interview with the two sisters on Thursday and asked them what the secret was to living for so long. Anna said, “Well, to be honest and kind. Believe in God. All the good stuff.” 

When asked how often she exercises to stay healthy, Helen said, “I do it every night before I go to bed. I kick my legs. I go up and down, up and down 10 times.” 

These two sisters celebrated their 108th and 105th birthdays on Sept. 5 (yes, they have the same birthday) and are both healthy after fighting off COVID-19.

covid virus A virus is pictured under a microscope. Photo: National Institutes of Health / Handout

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