7 Strange but Fascinating Facts about Water Purifiers

Water is the most essential and vital resource in the world. There are numerous benefits of drinking water. But, many natural and manmade pollutants have contaminated it to a large extent. This is where water purifiers come into play. Many people are not aware of amazing facts about water purifiers. In this article, we have discussed about few fascinating facts about water purifiers and how they can actually benefit us to stay healthy and fit.

Water Filtration Is More Sustainable Than Bottled Water

Approximately 38% of plastic bottles are recycled every year, while the remaining ones are crushed on land. Surprisingly, it takes 3 litres of water to clean and manufacture 1-litre bottle. So, adding up the manufacturing costs and other side effects caused by bottled water, it can be seen that the purified water is more sustainable than bottled water.

Acts as a Barrier

Thousands of pollutants get mixed with water. Pollutants such as aluminium, chlorine, and other elements present in water can lead to deadly diseases. Secure and reliable water purifiers prevent us from such impurities and keep the drinking water clean and healthy. This prevents us from consequences like headaches, stomach upset and vomiting.

Low Maintenance and Easy to Use

Pitcher and point-of-use filters use carbon filters to remove the contaminants from water. Even countertop filtration systems are incredibly easy to use and install install. So, one can easily use these filtration methods to stay fit and healthy.

Reverse Osmosis

Water purifiers use reverse osmosis methods to remove the contaminants from water, which means that the water from the purifier removes 99% of germs and other microorganisms that lead to a number of health problems.

FilteredWater Is Fresher

No matter how many contaminants are removed from the water, still bottled water isn’t as fresh and tasty as purified water. This is because most of the bottled water is filled without any filtration. Moreover, any substance, which is stored in a plastic container for a long time, is not advised to be consumed. They cause deadly diseases when compared to impure water.

Helps to Stay Hydrated

Water purification helps us to stay hydrated. Further, considering the fact that tap water is highly polluted, there is an alarming demand for purified water, which is free from bacteria and pollutants. Having a purifier at home or office will help you remove the unwanted pollutants from water, thus leaving behind what exactly is healthy to be consumed.

Reduces Gastrointestinal Disease

Drinking water from water purifiers reduces gastrointestinal diseases by removing giardia and cryptosporidium from drinking water. People who use water purifiers are 33% less inclined to gastrointestinal disease when compared to people who use tap water for drinking.These are some of the fascinating facts about water purifiers, which you must know. And that explains how important it is to have a water purifier installed.