6 Benefits of Drinking Warm Water Early in the Morning


It is a common trend with many of us to start our day with a cup of coffee, tea, or even plain water. Still, research has proven that there are several benefits to taking warm water as the first edible of the day, preferably early in the morning. Healthy tips abound on review sites like Norskeanmeldelser.no for a well-rounded life.

However, this article focuses on six crucial benefits to the practice of drinking warm water early in the morning; the following list highlights the established ones.

1.  Clears the nasal tract

After a session of outdoor activities during winter, a small bout of cold may cause blockage in your nostrils, and breathing difficulties. Taking some warm water, the first thing on subsequent mornings will help clear such nasal blockages.

2.  Clears digestive tract and enhances appetite

In a similar way that plumbers use hot water to clear out, not necessarily blocked, but dirty drains; warm water helps to maintain a well-kempt digestive tract. Food debris like solidified fats are cleared off the walls of the gastrointestinal tract, and the digestive system is made in the best state possible of functionality.

Taking warm water in the morning prepares your body for further nourishment, thus creating an increase in appetite.

3.  Stops constipation

A lack of an adequately hydrated meal is likely to foster constipation. Meals that cause constipation mostly involve morsels of food not being able to move correctly through the intestines, to enable nutrient absorption. However, with the lubricating effect given by the initial ingestion of warm water, the mucus lining of the digestive tract is generously lubricated, thus aiding active bowel movement.

4.  Increases metabolic rate

If you want to lose some weight and attain perpetual fitness, this is your call. Drinking water generally has reports of being useful for boosting the metabolic processes that enhance the breakdown of ingested or stored up calories into energy. Hydration with warm water increases your relative body temperature, and this triggers metabolic processes that cause the breakdown of adipose tissues (repositories of fat) in the body.

It is equally worthy of mention that the practice of drinking warm water keeps our kidneys healthy. The default function of the kidney is to filter all body fluids for toxic and unhealthy substances, for subsequent excretion from the various body outlet. But when the body is flooded with water, these poisonous substances are diluted and quickly flushed out of the body with the more frequently excreted urine. In effect, the stress on the kidney is reduced, thus keeping it in optimum functional conditions.

5.  Protects dental fittings

Individuals with dental fittings like braces or filling materials are usually advised by dentists to refrain from taking cold drinks. A better alternative is warm water, even for routine activities like flossing and brushing.

6.  A panacea for premature aging

Ingestion of warm water not only hydrates the body, but it also opens up the skin pores. It causes the accumulation of subcutaneous fats, which are the prolific harbor of skin disease agents, to melt and get flushed out with sweat—leading to healthy skin, devoid of acne, and rashes. The scalp is also lubricated, and the hair becomes more robust.