Function of Vitamin C for the Health of Your Facial Skin

Basically,  andall vitamins minerals are very important for normal bodily functions. Vitamins have a number of important roles for the body, and lack of vitamins can be a cause of disruption to body health. Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid, has a weak acidic sugar properties. Besides being used as an antioxidant, nutrients in vitamin C are also important in the function of immune cells.

When talking about vitamin C and ascorbic acid, the first thing that comes to mind is oranges. Citrus fruits, like lemons, limes, and oranges, are very rich sources of vitamin C. Most of the benefits of vitamin C are associated with antioxidant effects. The presence of this nutrient plays a number of important roles in all systems of the human body.

At this time, many women inject vitamin C to maintain the health and beauty of their skin. In addition to consuming vitamin C, to maximize facial skin care, you should also try Ultherapy Singapore which is clinically proven to improve the health of facial skin and has very minimal side effects. What are the benefits of vitamin C for facial beauty?

Helps Improve Collagen Production

An important benefit of vitamin C is its role in producing collagen, a type of protein that maintains skin elasticity. In line with the growing age of a woman, collagen will become damaged and wrinkles will appear suddenly. Therefore, adequate intake of vitamin C in the skin will fight the formation of wrinkles by increasing collagen production.

Self Protection from UV Rays

Vitamin C will protect the skin from free radicals and other harmful substances. The antioxidant content in vitamin C protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation and sun exposure.

In addition, vitamin C protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation and sun exposure. Taking this vitamin can help prevent the risk of skin cancer caused by exposure to excessive sun on the skin.

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Brighten Skin Naturally

Collagen in vitamin C also has benefits to facilitate the flow of nutrients to the skin. Small blood vessels under the skin carry oxygen and various nutrients to ensure that your skin will stay healthy.

Without adequate nutrition, your skin will become rough and dry. Vitamin C can maintain skin elasticity, protect and repair skin cells, so that the texture and skin of your face look healthy and bright.

Prevent Skin Discoloration

Vitamins can protect DNA from photochemical reactions that can cause discoloration of the skin, tumors, and certain types of skin cancer. Vitamin C can also inhibit pyrimidine production which is the main cause of melanoma.

By consuming vitamin C regularly, the dark color of the skin and also spots on the face due to aging are reduced. That way, the skin will also look younger and softer.

You can consume vitamin C regularly for maximum results. Don’t forget to have a doctor’s prescription. …

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Kids have higher nutritional needs compared to adults to support the rapid growth and development. Thus, their snack needs to be more nutritionally balanced. However the convenience foods that dominate the snack aisle generally contain snacks that are fried, high in artificial colours preservatives, sugar, salt and Trans fat that are far from healthy and can be labelled as junk.

We see children binging on packs after packs of chips and other munchies and gobbling huge bars of candies and chocolates and gulp down sugary soft drinks. This along with increased frequency of eating out and fast food culture has really raised concerns regarding the health and nutritional status of our kids.

When selecting snacks for kids it is important to keep it interesting and tasty along with healthy to make them accept the snack food. To put it in simple words the snacks you choose should be kids- friendly.

In this blog we have compiled a list of snacks that are Kids friendly

  1. Yoghurt – provides calcium, protein and abundance of good bacteria which are best for kids. Avoid sugar laced yoghurts marketed for kids instead plain yoghurts sweetened with fruits or honey is better to choose.
  2. Popcorn – though many consider as junk are actually a good whole grain with good nutrients. If you skip the extravagant seasoning and drizzles, popcorn are better compared to fried chips and other crisps.
  3. Nuts – are packed with fiber, protein and brain-boosting omega 3. Keep variety in your selection of nuts to keep diversity in nutrients.
  4. Cottage cheese – can be eaten raw, cooked or as a spread. It is not only a good source of calcium and protein but also vitamin B12.
  5. Trail mixes – are good on the go snacking options for kids. The assortment of nuts, dried fruits, whole grain cereal, and granola make it a nice healthy mix for the kids. Many commercially available trail mix contain sugar candies or chocolates chunks but healthier varieties of trail mix are also available to choose from. Trail mixes are easy to make and can be made at home too using particularly favourite food of your child.
  6. Energy bars – or granola bars are also a good option to consider as a snack on the go. Furthermore, energy bars or nutrition bars are a great replacement for a regular chocolate bars or candy bars. Several varieties and delicious favours are available in the market and some of them are truly healthy and made up of natural ingredients.
  7. Cheese – the old and the best. Kids love it and are loaded with vitamins, mineral and proteins. Easy to carry and eat, this hassle free snack has been a source of relief to mothers since ages.
  8. Fruits and vegetables – grilled, steamed or boiled are best finger foods for kids, young and old. Broccoli, mashed or grilled or baked potatoes, beans, apple, pears, tomatoes, carrots etc are few vegetables you can experiment with.

Its common for kids to feel hungry between meals …

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