15 Houseplants With Amazing Health Benefits

If you ever thought that the role of house plants was just to deck up your interiors and drab corners of your house, you just have half the information. Houseplants not only elevate the aesthetics of the space but provide a lot of health and environmental benefits too. The greenery lends a sense of positivity keeping us energetic all through the day. 

Choosing plant is not as difficult as it sounds. But many of us want plants which look good and have low maintenance requirements. We don’t take other important points into consideration like what are the health related problems that plant we choose can solve. Diet and exercise are essential, however, the environment we live in plays the key role in controlling our mind and body, our sleep quality and stress level in our daily routine. 

If you are planning to go for plant shopping, these are 15 house plants with amazing health benefits which you can look for. 

1. Magical Aloe Vera

The incredible health benefits of using Aloe Vera on skin is not hidden. It is good for treating sunburn and acne. Use it as a face mask to get silky, smooth skin. Moreover, Aloe Vera soaks up the airborne compounds released from paints and other cleaning agents. A must have plant in every household is Aloe Vera.

2. Air Purifying Snake Plant

Snake plants are known to convert CO2 into oxygen. Keep it in your bedroom and observe the change while the plants works to remove toxins from your room even at night. Quite easy to maintain, this plant can survive with very little water. 

3. Charming Rosemary

An attractive looking plant called Rosemary comes with benefits to improve concentration and memory. People have used this herb for centuries as a medicine. 

4. Incredible English Ivy

Outdoor Ivy plant is quite common in every household but are you aware of ivy as an indoor plant? Highly effective in absorbing mold in air, English Ivy should be kept in sunlight.

5. Lucky Money Plant

We all want these three things in our lives. Good luck, wealth and prosperity. Get it all with a money plant. You can grow it indoors or outdoors. Fill up a jar, container or a bottle with soil and water and cherish the beauty of an evergreen climber, money plant.

6. Mint With Its Peppy Scent

Over 600 varieties of mint makes it an essential plant on its own. Easy to grow and cultivate at home it is an energy booster. Add it to your iced tea on summers or try it in your favourite dessert, mint goes well with everything. If you want your mint plant to spread in your garden, grow it outdoors or opt for growing in a container to keep this plant from spreading in control.

7. Boost Your Mood With Lemon Plant 

Get that lemony scent indoors with a lemon plant. A mood booster and a light, soothing aroma is definitely best pant for your house. Good for using in tea and ice creams. Also an excellent plant for overall health of the body. Keep your lemon plant in plenty of sunlight and don’t let it dry. The soil should be moist for optimal growth. The sweet aroma along with its quick adaptability to indoor environment are the positives which work in favour of keeping this plant.

8. Non toxic and Natural Air Purifier, Spider Plant

Worried about keeping the natural environment in your house. Opt for spider plant which kills every trace of carbon monoxide and is non toxic. Looks best when grown in a hanging basket, it has been one of the favourite plants right from the Victorian era. Known for its air purifying quality, spider plant grows very quickly. No need to keep in direct sunlight.  A spider plant is the most adaptable of all the house plants. 

9. Boston Fern: An Ultimate Humidifier

Escape from dryness of an air conditioned room by having a Boston Fern plant. Simple and fuss free to maintain, the plant needs an extremely humid environment to grow, especially in winters. No need to put a fertilizer just make sure that the soil doesn’t turn dry. A really attractive plant with tiny leaves, Boston Fern is highly popular among everyone.

10. Stress Relieving Lavender

Lavender is a flowering plant with a gentle and sweet aroma to fight those moments of tension. Enjoy a lavender tea to fight acne and have a good night sleep with this plant in your house. This plant is a native of Europe and is amazing to use in perfumes and scents. 

11. Add A Hint Of Spiciness With Cayenne Pepper

Lend a spicy kick to your meal with cayenne pepper. Also known for its detoxifying benefits and beneficial for boosting the metabolism. Place this houseplant at a suitable place indoors and just keep a check on the moisture level.

12. Chamomile: Great Antioxidant

Cheer up with a camomile plant and get rid of a variety of ailments. A perfect antioxidant which grows well both indoors and outdoors in a pot. Brew up a chamomile tea with its flowers and relax with restful night’s sleep.

13. Sacred Basil- Tulsi Plant

Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil is a fragrant herb. Enjoy its medicinal and healing properties by being a proud owner of one. The spicy scent, small colourful flowers with religious connotations makes it one of the best houseplants. You can keep it in shade partially but at least 4 hours of sunlight is necessary for the plant to thrive.

14. Vibrancy Of Peace Lily

A perfect choice to lighten up your indoors, Peace lily are fragrant plants. Being popular in the list of indoor plants from FlowerAura, these have the ability to purify the air and absorb Acetone vapours. You can also enjoy this plant indoors and throughout the year.

15. A Super Plant For Overall Health, Garlic

Say goodbye to unwanted diseases with Garlic plant at home. Adding a great taste to any dish, this plant keeps away those vampires and most of those deadly diseases. Any day of the year is good for growing garlic. The right kind of soil is a must whether you keep it indoors or outdoors.

 A nice and attractive plant is something each one of us seeks. So, decide on which plant you want and get ready to buy one soon based on your needs.