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Bulgarian leader tests positive for new coronaviruswn

SOFIA, Bulgaria – Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has tested positive for the new coronavirus as the number of infected with COVID-19 in the Balkan country has been on a steady rise in the two weeks.

Borissov made the disclosure in a Facebook message on Sunday.

“After two PCR tests, today I am positive for COVID-19,” Borissov wrote.

He said that he has a “general indisposition” and, following the recommendations of doctors, will remain at home for treatment.

The Balkan nation of 7 million people has recorded 37,562 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 1,084 deaths.



— Europe’s restaurants and bars are being walloped by new virus curfews and restrictions

— Spain orders nationwide curfew to tamp down surging virus infections

— Surging coronavirus colors White House race in closing days

— Vice President Mike Pence plans to maintain an aggressive campaign schedule despite an apparent outbreak of the coronavirus among his senior aides.

— Police in England will try to stop people from leaving Wales, which has started a 17-day lockdown to slow a surging rate of coronavirus infections.


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MOSCOW — Russia’s tally of confirmed coronavirus cases surpassed 1.5 million on Sunday as authorities reported 16,710 new infections amid a rapid resurgence of the outbreak that has swept the country in recent weeks.

Russia’s caseload remains the fourth largest in the world. The government’s coronavirus task force has also registered a total of over 26,000 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

The task force has been reporting over 15,000 new infections every day since last Sunday, which is much higher than in the spring, when the highest number of daily new cases was 11,656.

Despite the sharp spike in daily new infections, Russian authorities have repeatedly dismissed the idea of imposing a second lockdown or shutting down businesses after most virus-related restrictions were lifted during the summer. In some Russian regions, officials urged the elderly to self-isolate at home and called on employers to have at least part of their staff work from home. Several regions have shut down nightclubs and limited the hours of restaurants and bars.


BERLIN — Austria has tightened its coronavirus rules as the Alpine country sees new daily records of infections.

Starting Sunday, no more than six people are allowed to meet indoors, including events such as birthday parties, yoga or dance classes. Outside, a maximum of 12 people are allowed to get together. In restaurants, the number of guests has been reduced to no more than 10 per table.

People also need to wear masks in train stations, markets and nursing homes.

On Saturday, the daily virus numbers reached a new high of reported 3,614 cases. On Sunday, the figure was lower at 2,782, however not all new cases get reported on weekends.


BALTIMORE — A day after the U.S. set a

Ehave Expands Its Psychedelic Mental Health Platform with Medchart, a Leader in Medical Record Software, as a Plugin to the Ehave Dashboard

Ehave partners with world-renowned tech platform, Medchart. The Medchart plugin will allow medical professionals using the Ehave Dashboard to easily transfer medical records, while allowing patients to own their own data and do what they want with it.

MIAMI, Oct. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ehave, Inc. (OTC Pink: EHVVF) (the “Company”), a provider of digital therapeutics delivering evidence-based therapeutic interventions to healthcare patients, announced today it has added Medchart, the only comprehensive solution for medical record exchange, as the first plugin to its Ehave Dashboard. This will not only allow patients to take more control over their psychedelic medical records, it will allow patients to access innovative treatments to mental health by providing clinicians and pharmaceutical companies with data that will make the provision of care more readily available. The combination of Medchart with the Ehave Dashboard will help provide a dataset that can be used to clinically validate some of these more experimental forms of therapy including psychedelics and ketamine treatment.

Personal Health Records (PHR) are a patient’s individualized collection of their health records. By allowing patients to own their own records, medical professionals and psychedelic researchers can begin working with patients to create biomarkers on the how they can live a longer healthier life, as well as what treatments are effective. Giving data to the PHR helps doctors who can prescribe medicine based on your data. As you add sensors into the dashboard you can add more data in your PHR. There are 11 million Americans who are resistant to most mental health therapies, and they can cost the healthcare system as much as $250 billion. Since major pharmaceutical companies don’t develop drugs for them, the Ehave Dashboard could potentially aggregate data from this patient population and provide that data to drug developers for clinical trials. This data could also help insurers route patients to the treatment providers who can help them the most.

Toronto-based Medchart, which enables the electronic transfer of medical records through express patient consent, simplifies the request of health information for patients. Medchart digitizes the exchange of health information between healthcare providers, attorneys, insurers, payers, researchers and patients while improving transfer speed, data quality, and business insights through artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company provides cloud based medical record solutions across North America with purpose-built solutions for personal injury and mass tort attorneys in the United States. Medchart complies with all federal and provincial privacy legislation including HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA, PIPA, PHIA, HIA, and more.

The Ehave Dashboard is a data driven platform that has been strategically developed to provide better communication among medical practitioners and health care providers. The aggregation of data and information into one application has proven effective in streamlining the health process for both patients and providers. The Ehave Dashboard has been developed through years of testing with mental healthcare professionals at one of Canada’s largest hospitals, The Hospital for Sick Children in Ontario. In addition to providing better outcomes, the proprietary platform allows individuals to

Leader of evangelical school in Redding addresses outbreak in video

The co-founder of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, Calif., shared a video on Facebook addressing the evangelical college’s COVID-19 outbreak, which has attracted national media attention.

Kris Vallotton said “there’s so much swirling news” and he created the video to clarify “what’s going on.”

“They’re quoting us pretty well but adding a bunch of their own commentary,” Vallotton said.

The school has experienced an outbreak in cases that have contributed to a spike in Shasta County in recent weeks.

Shasta County officials said Wednedsay 274 recent cases in the county were tied to the School of Supernatural Ministry. That number includes 137 cases reported last week. Overall, the county has reported more than 700 cases in the past two weeks, bringing the total since March to 1,623, officials said Wednesday.

Vallotton said the school required its 1,600 students to be tested and quarantine for 14 days before returning to class, and contact tracing revealed that the students who later became infection contracted the virus in the community in their homes.

“I wanted to kind of dispel the idea that students came from all over the world … and they brought the virus and infected our city,” he said.

The school’s outbreak gained national attention when a high-ranking official at Bethel Church, which is affiliated with the school, posted a now-deleted video on social media mocking face masks as “worthless.” In the footage, Beni Johnson said she was visiting “a cute little town over on the coast” and standing in line to buy some food without wearing a mask.

“There is way too much security in a freaking mask that doesn’t even work,” Johnson says in the video.

She said people in the line moved away from her and when she got to the counter to order, she was told she had to wear a mask, even though she had pulled her sweatshirt over her mouth.

“If you’ll do scientific research these masks are worthless,” she said, adding that she had planned to shop in the town. “But now we won’t be shopping and giving them any money because you have to wear a stupid freaking mask that doesn’t work.”

Vallotton addressed the video in his Facebook post, saying, “We instituted masks. They had to wear masks. They do have to wear masks every day. So despite what maybe some of our leaders have been putting on Facebook, Beni Johnson and some leaders, masks are the law, and also we personally believe it’s about more than the law. It’s about love.”

Vallotton emphasized that students at the school are required to wear masks and sit 6 feet apart in class.

Shasta County officials have also denounced the video. “I would really encourage people not to pay attention to that misinformation,” county health officer Karen Ramstrom said during an online briefing Wednesday. “There is only growing evidence around the benefits of face coverings and mask use to mitigate the spread of this virus.”

Bethel Church also made national news