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People make a beeline for fake Covid medicine, drugs controller intervenes- The New Indian Express

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KOZHIKODE:  Thanks to an ENT physician’s ‘discovery’ of nasal drops which can ‘resist Covid’ and a prominent vernacular daily reporting it, a medical store in Koyilandy here is making a quick buck.  E Sukumaran, a Koyilandy-based senior ENT surgeon and former deputy director of health department, has claimed that nasal drops — the ‘medication’ has a 25 per cent glucose content — can eliminate the coronavirus from the throat itself. 

He also claimed that his findings had been sent to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), which has forwarded it to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). “ The PMO had informed me that the ICMR had deputed  Tripti Khanna, a scientist, to conduct further studies on it. But I never claimed that my findings were approved by either the PMO or the ICMR,” said Sukumaran.   

The  nasal drop
being sold as
Covid resistant

Though scientists and the medical fraternity have outrightly rejected Sukumaran’s claims, calling them highly unscientific and totally misleading, what happened in Koyilandy was that people thronged a drug store which started selling this glucose-based nasal drop. A 15 ml bottle was priced at `50 in the beginning. Later, the price was slashed to `30 and now it is being sold for `20. This medical store has special licence which allows it to sell drugs manufactured by mixing the components. 

“People queue up in front of the medical store to buy the drug. Though many of them were aware that it doesn’t prevent Covid, they are convinced that it will not cause any side effects either. The drug store is the biggest beneficiary of this fake discovery,” said a health department source. However, the biggest threat posed by this drug is that it will give a false sense of Covid immunity to gullible people and instigate them to breach Covid protocol. This correspondent bought the bottle directly from the said store without prescription. Along with the drug, there was also a piece of advice on how to administer it: “Two droplets in each nostril twice daily.” 

Meanwhile, after coming to know of the ‘miracle discovery’ through TNIE, the state drugs controller has ordered a probe. Sujith Kumar K, Assistant Drugs Controller,    Kozhikode, told TNIE that he had sent two of his officials to investigate the matter. According to him, he will see to it that the nasal drop is not sold without a doctor’s prescription. “We cannot prevent the sale of glucose water if there is a prescription as it is being used for other purposes such as drip. But it cannot be sold as a remedy for Covid,” he said.

K P Aravindan,  pathologist and member of the expert panel on Covid-19,  said no glucose containing water is used as nasal drops for any illness. “Bodies like the IMA should issue an advisory against such fake Covid drugs,” he said.

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Indian women’s hockey team vice captain Savita Punia- The New Indian Express


BENGALURU: Savita Punia, vice captain of the Indian women’s hockey team, has stated they had come prepared for a long camp when they returned to the Sports Authority of India facility following a six-week break in August.

“When we returned to SAI Bengaluru from a six-week break in August, we had come prepared for a long camp. This is good because we will get good continuity in our regime and we are working on rebuilding our game, fitness etc,” Savita said.

“The team is grateful to Hockey India and SAI for ensuring our preparations for the Olympic Games is unaffected despite the on-going battle with the pandemic. As players, we are taking several precautions during practice schedules, following the SOPs and we are taking extra care about ourselves too, in terms of recovery, rest etc in order to avoid injuries,” she added.

The team will begin their Olympic campaign against World Champions Netherlands next year in Tokyo. Though India has not faced the Dutch team in any major tournament in the recent past, they are very aware of how the team plays.

With both chief coach Sjoerd Marijne as well as analytical coach Janneke Schopman from the Netherlands, the duo is well-versed with the playing style of the Dutch national team.

“We have not played Netherlands national team in the recent past but we follow their matches closely and we end up talking to coaches Sjoerd and Janneke about the team’s playing style,” Savita said.

“Since both coaches are from Netherlands, they have a lot of knowledge about how the team plays. Netherlands are undoubtedly aggressive and tactically very sound. Our first match at the Olympics will surely be challenging,” she added.

In the upcoming FIH Hockey Pro League matches scheduled for 27 and 29 October in Amsterdam, the Netherlands will take on Great Britain.

“Both are very strong teams and it will be very exciting to watch them in action. I feel both matches will be quite closely fought. It will be interesting to see how both teams fair especially after not having played high-intensity matches in a long time due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We as a team will definitely be following these matches closely as it will provide great insights into their game,” Savita said.



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