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Tribeca Health & Fitness in Manhattan Files for Bankruptcy

107 Chambers Street and Allison and Frederick Thompson (Google Maps, Tribeca Health & Fitness) 

107 Chambers Street and Allison and Frederick Thompson (Google Maps, Tribeca Health & Fitness)

An independently owned gym in Lower Manhattan has fallen victim to Covid-19, joining a long list of businesses ravaged by the pandemic.

Tribeca Health & Fitness, located at 107 Chambers Street, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Friday and announced its permanent closure on its website.

“We are heartbroken to announce that we will not be reopening,” the website said. “The prolonged Covid closure has made it impossible for us.”

Since 2017, Allison and Fred Thompson have been the owners of the popular gym, which occupied more than 10,000 square feet of space across three levels, according to the website.

In the statement, the owners said they “tried every avenue” to save the gym, the pandemic was more than they could bounce back from.

The business owes more than $1.4 million to its creditors, while its assets totaled about $92,000, according to the bankruptcy petition.

With the closing, the self-proclaimed “largest family-owned fitness facility in Lower Manhattan” has joined the pool of sports clubs and fitness centers crashed by the pandemic in recent months.

Town Sports International — which owns sports clubs in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. — filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last month after the forced closure of gyms led to big losses in revenue, Reuters reported. The national chain 24 Hour Fitness also filed for bankruptcy in June.

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Woman files $10M suit against dentist after alleged botched procedure

A clarinetist claims she could literally lose face after an allegedly botched procedure by a Manhattan dentist.

Boja Kragulj, who has performed in orchestras in Philadelphia and New York, claims in a $10 million lawsuit that her face could “prematurely age” because of “irreversible” bone loss from the work of Martha Cortes.

Facing the prospect of double jaw surgery after lifelong dental and breathing problems, Kragulj turned to Cortes in 2013 for an alternative. The dentist, who has an office on Central Park South, treated Kragulj unsuccessfully for years before placing a device called an Anterior Growth Guided Appliance, or AGGA, and controlled arch braces, in the musician’s mouth.

The AGGA was supposed to be a substitute for jaw surgery by stimulating new bone growth, helping to move Kragulj’s teeth and jaw forward and improve her airway. Instead, Kragulj claims in court papers, the device left her in worse shape than before.

AGGA is “unproven [and] not supported by medical knowledge or science,” according to the lawsuit.

Now Kragulj could lose four to six front teeth, and, over time “vertical dimension” — the space between her nose and chin — leading to the early aging of her face, she alleges.

Cortes should have known the AGGA wouldn’t work as advertised and failed to immediately repair it when part of it broke, according to Kragulj’s Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

It’s unclear how the dental disaster impacted the musical career of Kragulj, who is suing Cortes along with others.

Cortes did not respond to a message.

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